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Top 3 Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoids

By | August 27, 2018
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One of the first startups I have started and I’ve earned more than $ 10 million and guess what? It was not economically well, especially in the early stages. Before we saw our first dollar revenues, we burned more than $ 4 million.


Top 3 Marketing Mistakes

Hi, everyone today I’m gonna share with you three marketing mistakes that you should avoid.


#1. Don’t Spend too much Time Building your Product without Marketing

I have the first trick for you, do not spend too much time with your product without marketing. Kimetriks, we’ll, O God, we want to make the best analytics tools and software, and then we sell the market and then we get the money. Make it a year and then when we put it in the market, and you know what we have found? I do not understand why I need people like Niall. It was a big mistake. Not only a big mistake at the end of my life, it was a big financial mistake.

You’re talking about $ 4 million, it’s a lot of money. The point I am trying to make is that if you are making a product or service, then go there and check the market. Maybe to spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars or just call and people, “Hey John,” the “Hey, was there anything wrong with what’s going on?” “That’s my idea, what do you think about it?” Do you pay for it? “And if you want to collect the money you do not try your product or service. If they give you your money, you can come back to them immediately, I do not say that you are delivering the product, just to tell them again, “I’m sorry.” Phone with them, sorry, maybe give them a free Starbucks gift card. And what you do if you are not doing money is actually known. Spend some time without it. If you like people building and know that you want to pay for it, you can make a big mistake, do not do what I was doing.


#2. Don’t Market to Everyone

The second tip, I have no market for you. If you think everyone in the world will love your product then I do not care, it is not so. Pick the audience. This is why you see detergent companies, you are calling mothers for detergent marketing, or children or children or organic one. They are choosing a location, a product that everyone needs, even though they are choosing specific market specific segments of the market. And you should do the same thing. In which you should not be marketing for everyone.

So select the audience you want to market and just focus on them. A good example is the Convert Kit. He has created marketing software that helps you with email marketing. They tried to compete with the matching child, but everyone loves it, it’s a good email marketing, they perform well. Once he chose a marketing software, which focused a special focus on the blog, he started earning $ 10 million from two years. It’s true that by selecting a specific segment, you need $ 10 million annually in two years and so choose a location, go after it, just market them, and then you can expand and expand the market for more people. Yes, but you need dominance in the first place.


#3. Caring for Branding Over Customer Acquisition

And for me, you have a third nozzle, especially at the beginning, caring for branding on customer acquisition. If you are a new beginner or a new company and want to focus on branding, it’s good that you can, but when you are a rare customer, why would you focus on branding? Get there and get customers Get tested for Facebook ads, Get Google AdWords Test, Get Test SEO, Test Content Marketing and Podcast Ads. Do all this, it’s like spaghetti, throw it on the wall, see if it’s a stick and if there is a good ROI, then do it more. But this is the whole purpose of marketing.

Why can you go there and try to make big brands, like I want to be the next budding or McDonalds, I want to be the next Coco-Cola. If you do not have any customers, once you do this, once you get the customers first, you will be able to build your brand timely. Most people do not tell you about branding, when you get as many customers as possible and people use your product or service, then you’re building a brand. So do not think about such brands, I need to take my logo everywhere. It’s not a brand building, the best brand building people are using your product or service, they love it and tell them to their family and friends about it and “like my god, you have to buy snooze” or you need to buy this toilet paper.

You have to buy, it really is on your humility. “You really have to choose your customers and make sure that the right people And so this is related to the tip number two, which I have already discussed, to market a specific place so if you love what you are doing for people, you are receiving these customers and they They are using it and they love it, they are more likely to tell others about your product or service, and this is what makes this brand. They have not seen a ton of TV ads, but they are still a billion dollar company. But how did they create this huge brand? Everyone used their products, their services, and wondered, “Oh God, this Google is better than Yahoo “, you have to use it” Yahoo! Yahoo! Not talking about! This day goes with Bing or MSN, and also with your company. You can get access to users using your product or service If you close your socks and make them happy, you can create a wonderful brand on time.


So if you do not want to fail, there are three tips that you need to follow. Avoid doing the mistakes I made, and you should go